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My mission in life is to educate, empower and advocate for those individuals whose lives have changed due to chronic and/or intractable pain. My goal is to raise public and professional awareness for those who are unfamiliar with chronic pain about the factors that often result in having chronic pain and the need for ongoing medical care and research for new methods/medications for the treatment of chronic pain.


    • Thank you so much for coming by and checking out this website! I hope you can find what you need during our transition time! If you need anything, please let me know! Thank you Robyn for the referral of your friend!

  • Thank you for being there. Especially, when no one else is. We need you and appreciate you so very much. More than you can imagine. You have helped me through some very rough times. And with chronic pain, there will be more, but we are not alone. You are a blessing to all of us. Thank you. May God Bless you, with all that you do.

    • Candy, thank you so much for that beautiful comment. I am and will always be here for you or any other pain sufferer (til I take my last breath)!

    • Michelle, your comment means a lot to me! We have known each other a long time on Facebook! Now remember, this is not the new site! That will be revealed this month!

    • I think that you will be so surprised! We have a wonderful team who are here for you! We have a lot of articles and different things to do on the site! I welcome you with open arms to the CIPAY member family!

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Greg and I am from Connecticut.After several spine surgeries over the last two decades(cervical fusion failed-refusion with hardware,laminectomy during which they sliced the Dura,emergency surgery to repair that among others.Morphine pump installed and 6 years later had it removed due to not being able to work and depression issues).At that time I thought maybe the pain medication was causing depression so went almost a year without them.Finialy a nervous breakdown due to severe uncontrolled pain and stopped working last year.Even with several doctors advocating for disability was denied twice and had hearing in September.Still no word on the decision as of today.

    lost everything including my home and a 26 year carrer.
    My wife has MS since 1996.
    Ok now some blessings.

    i was able to care for my father a WW2 vet who’s wish was to pass at home and he died in my arms in August.
    My children are doing Great.My 25 year old son just bought a condo and is getting married next year.My daughter is on the deans list at UCONN business school.
    last but not least I have a roof over my head for the time being.I live in a basement with a bed and a couch and a TV.(this is temporary as it is getting on my in laws nerves.

    I do count each of these blessings every morning.I also feel Gods love most of the time.
    After reading info on this site, I really feel that you all might understand and maybe even have suggestions on how to go forward.I am completely humbled and this I believe could be Gods plan for me.Yet I am a human being and finding it difficult to find the strength to go on.
    I do appreciate this site and feel for each one of you.
    How do you learn how to continue to live.Is there a good book I could read?

    Thanks for listening to my story and I would love any advice that comes from experience living this way.

    Merry Christmas to all,

    • Hello and welcome to Dr. Patty’s Chronic-Intractable Pain and You Sites! After reading your note, I must say that you found one of the best support sites out there on the internet. Of course, I am biased because I am the founder and the president (Dr Patty). I am quite surprised that you have not heard from disability yet, but maybe no news is good news! I too have chronic and intractable pain. I have a spinal cord injury due to 5 back surgeries and a staph infection that appeared in my spine. Instead of going through all of the details here, you can find my pain story on this link: http://www.chronicintractablepainandyou.net/apps/forums/show/15175585-dr-patty-s-31-years-pain-journey. It is quite detailed as I have suffered with pain since I was 20 years old. I can’t say that there is any one book that might help you. However, being in a support group with people who are in pain (just like you), has helped out a lot of people. Our site is very different than Facebook groups and some other websites. We do not allow any drama and rudeness between members and staff. The only drama that my staff and I allow is that which relates to your pain issues. I redsigned this site (it has taken 2 years to complete). My husband (Dennis who is our CEO) and I are there for any pain sufferer 24/7. You can schedule a time to talk with me on the phone or if it is an emergency you can also phone us. We have a wonderful staff who are also here for you! I hope that you enjoy our site and hope to see you on the site more. We also have volunteer positions that many of our staff members have said that it has helped them to help others (so please consider that). I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  • So ironic! I have a quote on my bedroom wall by Dr Patty Verdugo, PysD. “Quit penalizing ALL for the actions pf a FEW!” I met Dr Patty on another site. It was called Physicians for Patients. It went down after one of the key group administrators could no longer participate. I read her story. I thought it was remarkable what she had accomplished while suffering physically and emotionally. I am trying to find some help for a friend I just met on Facebook two days ago. He’s 31 yrs old. He has been suffering from RSD for nine years. His RSD began with a broken ankle. It has spread to the YES I HAVE IT IN MY HANDS FEET BACK LEGS AND PRIVETS. He seems hesitant to talk in depth about his condition. He keeps his answers very short. But, it could be that he is in too much pain to do much typing. I asked if he uses a voice software but haven’t gotten an answer yet. I mistakenly thought he was on soc sec disability, but he is not. He is very frustrated about not being able to get more help. YES BUT I CAN ONLY GET 3 HOURS A DAY FOR A CARE GIVER AND I CANT WALK OR GET OUT OF BEAD. I have a feeling I should not doing this here. Anyway, I asked him what hope to gain by asking to be my FB friend and he said he wanted to find an “advocate” who knew a lot about RSD and that could help him get more help. I will give him the link to this site, the email address to Dr P and the phone number. Any suggestions what I can do to help him. He lives in Glendale, AZ. I am going to give him the two support groups in Phoenix I found on RDSA.

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