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  • I I was diagnosed in 1987 with a congenital disease of the spine (multi level) and joints ( hroughout my body) along with the many painful conditions resulting from and suffer with Severe Intractable Pain. I’ve been taking medication for 30 yrs which gave me my life and quality of back; enabled me to work up until 6 yrs ago and continue to use other necessary modalities to treat the pain & condition such as physical and psycho therapy. Due to the CDC & DEA recommendations, in fear of recoarse, my MD is slowly weaning me off my meds and the pain is becoming unbearable. I feel as though my life is being taken away from me again.
    I’ve have had 3 spine surgeries with plates & screws as well as numerous oher surgeries to try and relieve some of the pain and stabilize my spine. Unfortunately, the surgeries added more pain caused from the scarring .
    30 years of taking medication, no one would ever know I was on it unless I told them. I’m still alive, breathing, healthier than I’d ever been and far from addicted . The CDC says they don’t have Studies and dara from the effects of long-term opiate use; yes they do–Here I am 30 yrs later!

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