Daily Quality Of Life Scale.

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    Daily Quality Of Life Scale.


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    It is a 10-grade scale, from 0 (no functionality) to 10 (normal quality of life). For example:

    0 = all day in bed

    Feeling desperate and helpless with no desire for life

    4 = carrying out simple housework tasks

    Very few external activities twice a week

    7 = working several hours a day

    Capable of carrying out activities for at least 5 hours daily

    Planning simple activities during weekends.

    10 = working regularly every day

    Normal daily activities

    Normal social life out of work

    Active participation in family life.

    A Measure Of Function For People With Pain

    Pain is a highly personal experience. The degree to which pain interferes with the quality of a person’s life is also highly personal.

    The American Chronic Pain Association Quality of Life Scale looks at ability to function, rather than at pain alone. It can help people with pain and their health care team to evaluate and communicate the impact of pain on the basic activities of daily life. This information can provide a basis for more effective treatment and help to measure progress over time.

    The scale is meant to help individuals measure activity levels. We recognize that homemakers, parents and retirees often don’t work outside the home, but activity can still be measured in the amount of time one is able to “work” at fulfilling daily responsibilities be that in a paid job, as a volunteer, or within the home. With a combination of sound medical treatment, good coping skills, and peer support, people with pain can lead more productive, satisfying lives.

    Chronic pain treatment is a major challenge for the therapist physician, the patient and his/her family. Make sure you help your physician get the most realistic picture of your problem from the very first visit.

    Web Page: http://www.theacpa.org and http://www.e-algos.com

    Hugs & Prayers To Pain Sufferers Around The World, Dr. Patty Verdugo PsyD President and Founder of Dr. Patty’s New Chronic-Intractable Pain and You Sites, Inc. http://www.chronicintractablepainandyou.net
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