Interactive Sessions to Prepare You to Live a Life in Chronic Pain

Daily Quality Of Life Scale

If you would like to participate in this interactive forum and fill in your daily life scale, please comment here

Daily Quality Of Life Scale


In this section you will find interactions between members and staff related to learning how to explain and view your daily quality of life scale. Watch it change from day to  day and season to season. Please feel free To comment! This is a members only section! Click on the link below to start yours.

Daily Quality Of Life

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Dr. Patty Verdugo PsyD

My mission in life is to educate, empower and advocate for those individuals whose lives have changed due to chronic and/or intractable pain. My goal is to raise public and professional awareness for those who are unfamiliar with chronic pain about the factors that often result in having chronic pain and the need for ongoing medical care and research for new methods/medications for the treatment of chronic pain.

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